About CE10

After being asked by family and friends to blog about my service with the Peace Corps in Tanzania, I was still unsure whether I wanted to embark on that path; especially in a country with limited internet in rural areas and unsure how much free time I would have.

However, this blog is a reflection of the 10th Core Expectation of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), that we will bring back what we learn to the United States during service and thereafter, sharing our experiences and spreading cultural awareness. That is why I am blogging, and that is why this blog will be called “CE10,” to remind me with every post that this isn’t just a journal, it’s a communication to everyone at home who may not get the opportunity I have, to spread Peace Corps mission, to offer information about my experience to prospective volunteers, and hopefully to inspire service in others.

“The content of this website is mine alone and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, or the Tanzanian Government.”

na Upendi, (I’ll fix this when my Swahili improves)

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